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Jan 22, 2019

Entering the silicon city of Bangalore, The Krishna Temple on the left blesses his people with good health and happiness. Further straight, stands the Vande Matharam, an exquisite hotel serving its customers the best dining services and lodging. The hotel is beautifully decorated with the utmost traditionality.

The soothing aroma of the different dishes tantalizes your tongues for more. Vande Matharam also offers lodging in Bangalore. The tired travelers can dwell in its well groomed rooms. If you are looking for Party hall in Bangalore, Banquet halls in Bangalore you can always approach this traditional restaurant.

The multi-cuisine restaurant in Bangalore cooks the food exquisitely to satisfy its customers. The trained professionals serve with the utmost sincerity. It is known for its organic foods. The super fast growing food industry has changed the life styles of individuals and has made it to serve better and faster making it the best hotels near WTC Bangalore. They serve all the dishes ranging from breakfast, South Indian Thali to North Indian, Chinese, ice-creams and beverages.

Vande Mathram, the name itself suffices its strength and integrity towards the service of its customers. The staff at Vande Matharam work together as they believe in the line, “Unity in Diversity”. They share the common vision as to serve the customers in harmony. All the amenities have been loaded in this hotel.


Preeti Arora


Vande Mataram provides pure and authentic food. Yes, you heard it right, making use of all Indian spices and providing the best food and facilities to its customers.



Out of all the restaurants in the city, it is one of those which serve Indian food extensively. Millets, ragi and other major staple foods are extensively served. Indian foods today are not found in the purest forms but here the menu is vivid with all the Indian foods. The dishes are authentic Indian with millets served abundantly which is unique and not found everywhere.

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